Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League Journey Hits by Mourinho’s Effect

Popularly known as The Special One, Jose Mourinho has his special skills to turn clubs around just as this time in Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League journey this season. Surely the team did not get a huge change right away since it takes time for a plan to work. A manager will have to make sure that his plan works for the team he is managing. It takes a bit of time for that to be seen. At the moment Tottenham has its three wins in its last five matches in the Premier League. Moreover it has its matchups in the Round of 16 of the Champions League as well. The possibilities remain pretty wide open for the London team to grab silverwares at the end of the season with Mourinho on the hot seat.

So far Jose Mourinho has been known as a kind of hired gun with the total of nine teams that he managed for the last twenty seasons within the professional football managing world. At some points previously the given time is not really there for him to deliver decent results. On some other occasions the support given by the boards of the club is not what he needed to achieve a great outcome in the end. Yet he was the one to bring Chelsea to win the Premier League two times in a row. Even on his return to Chelsea ten years later he brought the team to win another league title. He even led Inter Milan to win two scudetto in a row.

So far Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League journey has run quite well. The initial phase of Mourinho’s effect can be seen there in which the structure of the team has been altered. During the period between November 2019 and January 2020 there have been eight matches of Premier League in which Tottenham secured five wins, one draw and two defeats. That is a decent form for the team upon the takeover of the hot seat by Mourinho.

Unfortunately the main power of the first phase of structural change within the team has just gone. Kane struck by injury while Eriksen moved to Inter Milan that slowed Tottenham a bit in phase two. During January Tottenham cannot get a win in the domestic league by just securing one draw and two defeats. Yet the next period saw three wins for the team as Mourinho has figured out the way to deal with the attacking front once again. The absence of Kane is somewhat filled by Son with his six goals out of the eleven total goals in this period. That fact alongside the roles of Harry Winks and Giovani Lo Celso helped the team a lot.

Another unfortunate thing happened just as the next phase should be initiated by Mourinho. Son has just been caught by a terrible injury. It comes with the possibility of absence to the end of the season. Surely that will affect the rest of Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League journey. That makes things much more interesting to see regarding what Mourinho will do for the team.

The first matchup without Son facing Leipzig will surely set the tone for the team performance. Right after that on the weekend Tottenham will have to face Chelsea which is a great chance to move up a place on the standing with a win. Fourth place could probably be the best spot that Tottenham could secure in terms of the domestic league. Third and second spots could be within reach only if Leicester and Manchester City put on really terrible results for at least four matches while Tottenham runs on a win streak. Looks like Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League journey to the top of the league will have to wait for the next season.